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Sometimes you have to fight alone!

You may have a host of people around, but no one can fight your personal battles.

First, we have to stop overthinking matters.

Fear is perpetuated by how we allow our thought process to become overwhelmed.

We allow the conversations in our head to run rampart.

In the mist of those conversations, we need to learn how to give ourselves shock therapy.

Purposeful thinking can be learned.

It is possible to learn how to manage the raging thinking, by stopping our thoughts in the mist of an overthinking episode.

In other words, Calm Down!

It is possible, with practice, our minds can be tamed.

What I’ve learned to do during an over thinking episode is to counter the thought with a song.

Secondly, if the thought tries to override my song, I take a few deep breaths.

We have to learn how to stop the noice on impact.

Hopefully this helps someone.

Peace is non-negotiable!

Silent Dugood